Concrete is one of the most common construction materials on the market today. It is inexpensive and durable, making it the top choice for both residential and commercial construction zones. For retail businesses, sturdy construction is a necessity when building any new facility.

Historically, material workmanship has been used in some of the most iconic projects of all time. The Pantheon and the Coliseum, whose ruins are still standing in Rome today, are both examples of decorative concrete.

More recently, concrete has become a stylistic choice in modern construction. Commercial concrete contractors in Sydney are creating long-lasting relationships with partners in the business area. Commercial concrete has become invaluable in the construction industry.

In most cities, concrete is the most frequently used material for commercial areas. It is safe to say that concrete construction may never go out of style. In Western Australia, coloured concrete, retaining walls, and driveways are all a testament to the hard work of Sydney contractors.

Why is Commercial Concrete so Popular?

Our success as a team is based on the popularity of our materials. From domestic projects like driveways and residential patios to commercial popularity, slabs are a strong option with a professional finish. BKH takes pride in our success in the industry. Call our commercial concrete contractors to make an appointment today.

Concrete is made from a simple formula of course aggregate, cement, sand, and water. A specific high-quality mixture is typically purchased for the project by the concreter on a large scale project. There are many benefits to choosing concreting projects as part of a new structure, and commercial businesses should seriously consider using concrete in their construction.

It is Economical

In terms of construction materials, concrete is far more affordable than many of the alternatives. This is especially true when the design is going to involve heavy metal such as steel.

BKH prides itself on time management. Our commercial concrete contractors have experience in providing quality concrete services at a fair cost.

The material itself is relatively affordable, but commercial concrete contractors are also typically quick builders. Our efficient contractors value your time and prioritise completing your design within the initial time frame. This allows our customers to rely on the initial budget proposal fairly closely.

After construction, commercial concreting is known to save businesses money on their power expenses. Buildings constructed of solid material tend to keep cool during the summer months and warm in winter.

Beyond being economical, saving energy is an environmentally-friendly choice. Many businesses have made the public promise to become environmentally aware, so choosing this as a material is a vital step in the right direction.

At BKH, we are committed to excellence for our clients. Specialising in economical and environmentally friendly solutions for our contracts is a focus of our Sydney concreters.

Readily Availabe

Commercial contractors in Sydney will have no trouble finding a supplier for any commercial project. Mix is readily available in Australia, and dealing with local suppliers is easy and convenient.

One of the benefits of choosing concrete is that you will never have to worry about a supply shortage changing your projected timeline. Because Sydney has plenty of suppliers, you will likely not have to pay shipping costs for those materials either.

Not having to rely on shipping or import is a massive benefit to choosing it as your construction material. Shipping and importing materials will drive costs upward. Contractors can guarantee reliability when products are easily accessible.


Our concrete contractors are skilled at shaping slabs on site. The quality of our professional finished product cannot be argued. Using technology to achieve excellence allows us to exceed expectations.

One of the most popular benefits of concrete is that it can be moulded into any desired shape or form. Commercial concrete services have access to many different moulds and forms that can be used to make your unique concepts come to life.

This is especially beneficial in outdoor areas. If your business is looking to create a unique outdoor space or parking area, your work contractors can likely help you make that unusual shape. Some companies choose to create patio areas which can be done quickly using this material.


BKH stands behind the quality of our workmanship. Our finished product will increase the value of your property for years to come.

Another significant benefit of choosing concrete as your material is that it is one of the most durable materials. In most cases, our structures can survive natural disasters, pests, and unwanted moisture. Many of the ancient ruins that are still standing are built of a similar mixture.

Our material is also not flammable. When you choose to build your structure, you are protecting your building against the potential for fire. Although fire can cause damage to structures, it is typically a barrier to fire.

Many materials can become easily weakened through exposure to elements. These structures are completely unaffected by elements as far as structural integrity is concerned. Unlike wood, it will not rot or grow mould if it is exposed to rainwater. Although sealing your slab is a good piece of advice for cosmetic benefits.

Commercial Concreting

There are many different uses for concrete in the construction of your commercial facility. In general, commercial services refer to any use of the mixture to build or enhance your business facility. This can include buildings, parking areas, warehouses, hospitals, or even public buildings.

It is virtually impossible to build a commercial facility without using it in some capacity. Even if your facility is constructed of other materials, most foundations, walkways, and parking areas utilise an aggregate mixture in their construction.

Our concreting company in Sydney is designed to help you with any construction needs you might have for your commercial contractor. No commercial project is too small for our dedicated team.

Commercial concreting services are all-inclusive businesses that do all of the hard concreting work for you. When you call a concreting service, such as BKH, you are not only ordering materials. You get fully trained contractors who are invested in creating a professionally completed project for you.

Commercial concreters are trained to maintain high standards and provide commercial concreting services that are nearly flawless in their application. Contractors have years of experience to help them make informed decisions about your project.

Outdoor Areas

The most obvious areas where exposed aggregate is used in construction are outdoor areas. BKH concreters have focused on specialising in outdoor areas. We are equipped with the technology to create a range of outdoor projects including ground, retaining walls, safety walls, parking areas, and patios.

This is one of few materials that can withstand the elements. Rain, snow, and sun are unlikely to damage work beyond some cosmetic inconveniences. There is also not much maintenance that must be done to keep up with finished concrete services.

Most parking areas are constructed of simple mixtures because it is durable and affordable. Commercial businesses tend to benefit from saving money on maintenance and materials when choosing BKH. Concrete is also one of the few materials that can handle the weight of repeated vehicles being parked in their area.

Outdoor walkways are also typically made of a mixture with an exposed aggregate. This generally is a light colour which makes it an excellent choice for commercial walkways. Although they are usually resistant to wear, cosmetic clean up is easily maintained using a pressure washer.

Many of our commercial businesses choose to create decorative features using concrete services as well. Fountains, swimming pools, and unique landscaping can all be easily accomplished using our unique forms. The versatility of an aggregate material cannot be denied in outdoor planning for commercial properties.


BKH is a professional grade construction company. Our commercial partners appreciate our concreting works in polished floors, decorative floors, and coloured floors. Your concrete contractor might advise clients to use our services for retail flooring.

Our floors are an excellent choice for commercial buildings. Most commercial buildings have a lot of foot traffic treading through their facilities each day. Concreting is a perfect choice for any area that will experience lots of traffic.

Commercial floors can be finished with a decorative treatment to make them attractive to the eye. Retail stores and restaurants often choose our floors with a decorative finish for a few reasons. These floors tend to be easier to clean than many of the other options. As previously mentioned, any of the traffic that the floor sees is unlikely to cause any kind of damage to the floor or the seal.

Even if a business chooses to use another material as their flooring, it is still typically the best choice for subflooring. This sturdy material makes an excellent choice for foundations. It is solid and supportive of maintaining structural integrity for many years.

Our concreting services are readily available for your immediate job. We can provide on side slab work for our construction projects.

Concrete Contractor in Other Areas

BKH has expanded our range of services to include bridges, mining, and industrial projects. Our formwork services have helped builders with advice on such projects.

The addition of formwork technology allows us to explore professional opportunities in the field of mining. We have also built our capacity for a range of scaffolding projects.

Equipment on hand allows us to build bridges while keeping safety in mind.

Many bridges are also constructed of it because it is both durable and affordable. Solid bridges are a popular choice for many engineers because it is a strong material that can withstand the weight of heavy vehicles. This is also a material that is easy to mould and affordable to build with.

Bridges have been constructed from this sturdy concoction for years. Not only is this construction a load-bearing choice, but it easy to bring in pre-cured forms or slabs to place for a bridge. Concreters can create the right pieces and then put them into the correct area when constructing the bridge.

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Commercial construction cannot exist without concrete. The next time you drive through a commercial area of your town, take a moment to notice how many of the quality structures, walkways, roadways, and other elements are made from our mixture. If you need a project completed, you should contact the premier concreting contractor in Sydney, BKH.


Does the concrete have to be grey?

No. Concreters can either add minerals to the mixture to change the natural colour or finish the mixture to tint it to a different colour.

How is concrete measured?

In the commercial market, concrete is measured and sold by the cubic meter.

How long does it take for concrete to cure?

Concrete typically takes up to 30 days to cure. Over time, the structure will become more and more hardened and substantial; this process is referred to as curing.

Does BKH do a residential concreting job?

At this time, BKH does not work on house slabs or other residential concrete slab projects.

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