Concrete Sydney

BKH is a concreting company in Sydney, Australia. We specialise in commercial construction jobs. We are equipped to build solid foundations for various purposes. With over 20 years of concreting experience, we have built a reputation as the leading industry concreters in the area of Sydney.

BKH specialises in commercial concrete services such as hospitals, schools, high-rise buildings, bridges, and mining or industrial construction. The business industry has never been more reliant on concreting Sydney than ever before.

At BKH, we are committed to providing our commercial customers with a full-service experience. Our concreters are experienced professionals with a proven reliability record and expert-level training in commercial concreting. BKH concrete has been involved with constructing numerous high-profile buildings in Sydney, which you can read about on our projects page.

Concrete Equipment

BKH has a fully equipped team of experienced concreters with a proven track record of success. Our commitment to quality is evidenced by our history of successful concreting works and our innovative construction approach.

At BKH NSW, we have prioritised securing the most reliable concreting equipment on the market. We have the in-house tools to complete any concrete commercial job you can imagine.

Our equipment is purchased from top manufacturers such as Putzmeister and Schwing. Our interest in high-profile design drives us to buy top-of-the-line equipment that can handle high-volume use.

As a leader in the concrete industry work, purchasing precision equipment for your concrete project is a top priority. Our equipment gives our NSW contractors access to complete professional concrete works for your business.

We partner with various people to complete projects in every aspect of building. Your concrete contractor is one of the people who will discuss all of your concreting needs. From design, exposed aggregate, concrete resurfacing to design and exposed aggregate request. Our NSW concrete company is ready to build your foundation for success.

Trailer Pumps

Our top-grade trailer-mounted concrete pumps allow our Sydney NSW contractors to work in otherwise constricted conditions. Trailer mounted pumps let our dedicated team lay concrete in fenced areas, indoor needs, and maneuver around busy construction sites.

When working on an already populated property, trailer pumps allow our concreters to access the area. Trailer pumps guarantee that our NSW concreters can operate with precision and finish all aspects of your design.

High-Pressure Line Pumps

When concreting Sydney, our high-pressure line pumps allow our fully qualified team to complete significant commercial concrete works in construction. High-pressure pumps are designed to enable concreters to complete large concrete works in a reasonable time.

Mobile Pumps

BKH has accumulated a variety of portable pumps to diversify our capacity for concreting Sydney. Mobile pumps range from truck-mounted pumps to unfolding lifted pumps for high-rise projects.

Self-Climbing Tower Placing Booms

As recently as the 1970s, building high-rise structures with concrete materials were highly complicated. The invention of hydraulics inspired construction engineers to create self-climbing tower placing booms. These booms allow our concreters in Sydney to work more efficiently and affordably on major projects.

We have other available equipment to meet all of your project needs. Each piece of equipment is chosen with our customer’s needs in mind. We have invested our money with the notion that our equipment will provide high-quality results for each customer we work with.

Our equipment now includes concrete industry services that allow NSW area businesses to make requests for formwork. Expanding into the area of formwork concrete guarantees formwork jobs to be completed efficiently.

Concreting Sydney

BKH hires Sydney contractors with experience and training. Our Sydney concreters are committed to overseeing your project from start to finish. Our contractors are well versed in the best practices of safety, time management, and communication. They value the satisfaction of our customers and are committed to excellence.

BKH recently expanded our capacity to include steel concrete formwork and scaffolding. Our structural engineers are highly skilled professionals, and we pride ourselves on building the capacity for excellence.

Pre-Construction Services

Pre-construction refers to the time before we begin working on your project. Several mundane office tasks must take place before we can start working with you. Our goal during pre-construction is to communicate clearly and professionally with all of our potential clients.


Our team of friendly office staff is available to help you negotiate concrete appointments for each step in the flooring process. Our goal is to provide clear and consistent timelines for our potential customers; from your initial consultation to each phase, your experience should be positive. You can enter your email address to begin speaking with us.

Consultation with Concreters

During an initial consultation, our team will need to gather information about your concreting works project. In some cases, we can complete your consultation over the phone, but a team member will travel to your site in others. We will thoroughly look into your request as well as review options during this visit.

Estimate Access

Our goal during the initial consultation phase is to provide our customers with an accurate estimate. However, it is essential to remember that these estimates are subject to change as the project progresses. Our appraisals include the cost of the entire project, including labour and materials.

During Construction Concrete Contractors

During construction, our Sydney concrete works department will be in close contact with clients. Aside from the physical structure of your project, our concrete services include priorities in project management and communication.

Project Management

The concrete contractors assigned to your project will keep their focus on our company’s core goals. We believe that successful project management revolves around three key issues; safety, quality control, and the timeline.


The safety of our employees has always been our top priority. Our concrete contractors consider potential safety issues before they consider any other action.

Quality Control

Customer satisfaction is another one of our top priorities. Each member of our team is well versed in the standards of quality for BKH. We are the leading concrete company in Sydney in the category of quality control. Concrete services in Sydney are not limited, but finding a company that values quality limits your choices.

During construction, our concreting Sydney team routinely checks for quality. Each construction employee is thoroughly trained on our quality standards. Our process allows us to ensure that your requests will be completed with a professional finish.

Sheduling and Timeline

Our company has grown by leaps and bounds since we first opened. As we have grown, we have come to understand how critical strict time management is for the success of any project. Coordinating with other contractors, our contractors, client’s schedules, and our in-house labourers is a complicated process.

We are committed to creating realistic timelines that our clients can rely on. While there may be some variance in the scheduling or timeline, we have committed to prioritising our time management so that construction can continue on schedule.


Our final commitment during construction is thorough and timely communication. We understand that our team are often overwhelmed with managing a major construction project. Our Sydney concreting company strives to make your customer service experience with us go smoothly and remain stress-free.

From the moment our customers call BKH concrete service, our commitment to clear communication should be evident. We view customer satisfaction and quality services as equally important. When you choose BKH for your concrete services in Sydney, you become a part of the BKH family.

Our concreting team may contact you by phone or by email address to keep in contact with you.

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Why BKH? Lead Concreting Company, Sydney

BKH has been in operation since 1996. Our company has built a rating of success in Sydney. Since our conception, our specialisation in concrete has led our company to branch out into other fields such as formwork. We have acquired the most reputable contractors, engineers, and labourers in the industry through our expertise.

Because we have branched out into the areas of scaffolding and formwork, we can now offer comprehensive services beyond concrete for our potential clients. By consolidating the number of companies that our clients have to coordinate with, we have significantly simplified the building process.

Concrete Services, Sydney

We offer comprehensive services in the area of concrete for Sydney NSW. We have built the in-house capacity to complete virtually any service that a client could want. From coloured concrete to concrete slabs, our concreters in Sydney are ready to collaborate on your design.

We work with commercial businesses to achieve an array of concreting services to meet industry needs in Sydney. Concrete placement, concrete finishing, concrete repair, and large construction projects are all within our scope of ability for new and existing customers.

Concrete Placement

We are the leading concrete service in Sydney for concrete placement. No matter what type of request you seek, we have the in-house resources to achieve your request. We are capable of working on high-rise buildings, retail spaces, schools, universities, hospitals, bridges, parking areas, mining, and industrial spaces.

In addition to concrete placement, we offer related services in concrete maintenance. We are equipped to provide services such as soft cutting, screeding with a laser, joint sealing, and curing.

Precision finishes such as coloured concrete and exposed aggregate finish are popular requests in Sydney contracting. We can provide a variety of different finishing options for our concrete placement finishes.

Our Concrete Packages

One of our goals in expanding our capacity for construction services is to offer our clients a more fluid experience. Since expanding into the fields of formwork and scaffolding, we provide our clients with the opportunity to work with a single entity for all of these services.

Our Sydney concrete contractors can manage your building from concrete placement, reinforcement, formwork, scaffolding solutions, and material management.

Choosing to partner with BKH on a concrete package saves you time and money. Eliminating multiple companies on your construction site decreases the risk of a safety violation while simplifying the number of contact persons you have to deal with.

As the leading concrete company in Sydney, we have exclusive contracts with many of the material supply companies in the area. Partnering with BKH is the easiest way to get your request done on time and within your budget.


Does your company work on residential and commercial projects?

Our company is focused on work with commercial property. At this time, we do not service residential projects.

Does it matter what time of year we pour concrete?

The simple answer to this is no. It does not matter what time of year that concrete is poured. However, when concrete is poured in the summer, there are extra steps that your contractor will take to make sure that the concrete can cure correctly.

Will my concrete crack?

Our contractors are the very best in the business. We can complete projects and take into consideration most of the potential issues that could arise. That said, most concrete projects will have small cracks over time. These cracks are usually not visible and are rarely a structural concern.

What would delay my project?

Your project could be delayed for several reasons. Most often, the weather is the cause of any delay in your project timeline. Material shortage, delays from other construction companies, or labour issues could also cause a short delay in your project.

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