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The NSW industrial sectors are growing rapidly. With the boom in construction, there is a need for construction experts with a range of talent. Formwork is one of the essential crafts necessary for successful commercial construction. Without formwork, concrete structures would simply not be able to be created.

Large concrete mixtures must be held in place by appropriate forms in order to allow the concrete to harden. This process is known in the industry as curing.

A formwork company typically provides the moulds or other equipment needed for concrete to cure. Concrete requires a sturdy and reliable system to be in place to hold the desired shape. As the concrete dries, it is crucial that it does not shift or leak out of the seams of the mould. This is why formwork is a vital component of construction.

While formwork and concrete are not synonymous with one another, the two jobs are interdependent on one another. Our company has merged the two pieces of concrete construction to provide a single contact point for all of our clients.

One of the reasons that job seekers want to work with our company is our commitment to providing start-to-finish services. Our company combines jobs in formwork and concrete services in one easy job type to simplify the process.

BKH has compiled a large number of concrete, formwork, and scaffolding experts to work for one of the largest Sydney construction companies. This group of committed professionals makes us one of the most sought-after formwork services in the NSW area.

Our Company Commitment

BKH is a Sydney based business that offers formwork solutions to commercial projects. We have been compiling our education in formwork systems for years. Our track record for excellence has led us to become one of the leading teams in Sydney.

No matter the size or scope of your commercial project, our team is ready to search for the right solution for you. Sydney NSW engineers have built a collection of formwork systems that allow our contractors to work on virtually any project.

BKH has made a significant investment in our ability to provide a range of services. Our equipment includes all of the standard elements needed for basic construction projects and a collection of reinforcements to apply to unique designs.

We have been in operation for over 25 years. During that time, we have built an impressive resume as a business. Our clients include many iconic buildings in the Sydney area, and we are eager to continue adding high-profile projects to our resume in the future. If you would like to get started on your Sydney project, reach out to BKH today.

One-Stop-Shop: What We Offer

BKH was once limited to concrete work. Over time, we realised the value of offering our customers a more versatile menu of services. This is why we decided to provide our clients with formwork options in conjunction with our already offered concrete services.

BKH strives to offer formwork solutions to our partners in a simple setting. Our results prove that we can complete jobs satisfactorily. We have built a collection of formwork systems that allow us to meet nearly any project’s terms.

Our equipment includes pre-formed options, but we also offer services for more unique requests as well. Our NSW clients can easily reach out to BKH for employer bids before hiring a formwork team officially.

Panel Systems

BKH offers panel formwork to build vertical elements such as walls, columns, or multi-story buildings. Our panel systems are typically constructed of a steel frame and are crane-lifted. Our panel systems can be applied to many different job type requests.

Panel systems allow BKH to offer fair prices for vertical formwork services. Steel framed panel systems are reusable and tend to be durable. These panels are easy to service and typically easy for teams to put together once on site.

Our panel systems are an excellent choice for clients who are looking at having concrete walls built. These are also suitable for basement walls or tall columns. If you are interested in learning more about our panel systems, reach out to BKH to see if this system is suitable for your project.

High Strutting

In the Sydney NSW commercial, industrial industry, design has become increasingly important. Besides safety, BKH's primary concern is providing potential partners with the right system for their construction project.

With this in mind, our team decided to purchase high strutting equipment to service our commercial projects. High strutting equipment represents our commitment to both versatility and safety. Our engineers know that if we want to provide a large number of the services necessary in this field, we needed to work on high strut projects.

We know that the ability to please our customers will likely require various types of formwork systems. This is why we have invested in a few different high strutting shoring systems with a local Australian manufacturer.

BKH has developed a system of high strut formwork solutions that work for our terms in partnership with our engineers. These creative solutions have added to our already expansive range of services.

Core Systems

The top climbing manufacturer in Australia supplies our core systems. We have invested in a series of core climbing systems to ensure that we are equipped for massive projects that require substantial vertical structures.

Our climbing core formwork systems are operated by hydraulics. These machines allow our crew to work directly on projects in a safe and efficient experience. Our core systems are designed with safety in mind for our employees, but they also ensure our equipment's longevity.

Our core systems are another example of how BKH is simplifying the concrete building experience. These core climbing machines eliminate the need for large cranes to invade the building site.

Screen Systems

Similar to our self-climbing core systems, our screen systems are also designed with safety terms and simplicity in mind. The screen systems are made of a solid and sturdy metal mesh. However, if needed, these screen systems are much more flexible than the traditional hydraulic systems. This means that we can use our screen systems to create more unique designs and concrete forms.

By using hydraulics, our screen systems can provide formwork support for a variety of different projects. Typically built from steel fixing, these screen systems are durable and impressively strong. Many jobs will benefit from BKH investment in screen systems.

Aside from our commitment to a versatile collection of services, BKH has a stern commitment to safety. All of our equipment is high-quality and safety tested. In addition, our team members are all committed to frequent safety checks, and each construction site is assigned a safety manager.

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Types of Structures

At BKH, we have no limit to the types of structures that we can create. With our primary collection of equipment, we are able to complete most commercial and industrial requests with few issues. This includes high-rise structures as well as large retail areas or parking solutions.

However, we have also built a reliable force of engineer brains into our business. If your design requires formwork that falls outside of our basic packages, we can still work with you to get the job done.

The beauty of concrete work is that there is no structure off-limits. Our moulds can build any number of possible structures for your business. We are fully equipped to help you complete your work from start to finish.

Our basic package of equipment allows BKH concreters to quickly and economically build walls, columns, floors, and other structures. Whatever idea your group is currently tackling, our contractors are happy to help you determine the best solution for your goal.

The BKH Process

Our team of experts are trained in assessing your formwork solution request from the moment you search for an Australian formwork company; we are committed to providing you with an excellent experience.

The first step to working with BKH is reaching out with your basic information, such as your email address and phone number. Our customer service associates will schedule an initial consultation to discuss your search.

Our consultation will likely be done in person and will include both formwork requests and concrete work information. Our goal is to provide you with a seamless experience in fixing services. We offer competitive pricing and strive to offer accurate construction timelines for all of our potential customers.

Whether you are looking for steel fixing or plastic formwork, our formwork companies can help you accomplish your goal. We work with all companies who work in the commercial or industrial sectors. This includes schools, retail, hospitals, high-rise buildings, and even sports complexes.

Once we begin construction, our formworkers and concreters work together to create a synchronous process for the client. By hiring an all-inclusive business, we hope to simplify the building process for all potential customers.

No matter what type of project you have in mind, we would be pleased to add your facility to our resume. Reach out to a BKH customer service agent today to discuss your job and see if our service is the right fit for you.


What types of formwork materials does BKH offer?

BKH works almost entirely with metallic formwork. Our interest in commercial projects requires heavy-duty material such as metal.

Is BKH able to complete my work?

If our website popped up when you put in your search terms, then we are likely a good match for your design. Our focus remains on industrial and commercial business projects. Give us a call or type in your email address to discuss your needs today.

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