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A scaffold is a complicated system of support structures that are needed during large construction projects. Typically used in multi-story building projects, scaffold systems are a delicate science where both safety and efficiency are crucial.

BKH is a scaffolding company located in the NSW Sydney area of Australia. Our business has been providing a range of construction services in the Sydney area for over 25 years. These years of experience have provided us with the valuable experience to add scaffolding to our range of services for commercial clients.

We have been providing scaffold services for industrial projects for years. Our business framework has grown to include all of the expertise needed to complete successful scaffolding and construction projects around the NSW Sydney areas.

BKH has a reputation for creating vast resources and wide ranges of expertise. Over the years our workforce has grown exponentially. We now employ the top contractors, engineers, and safety experts in the industry. If your group is looking at scaffolding hire services, then BKH, based in Sydney, is a great place to start.

This same drive for Sydney workforce development has also driven us to expand our equipment to include top-of-the-line scaffolding structures. Our commercial scaffolding equipment is readily available for any upcoming project that your business might request.

Why Scaffolding Works

Commercial construction projects often include multi-story projects that have quite a bit of work going on at once. Concreters, painters, flooring experts, electricians, and plumbers often find themselves working alongside one another on the different aspects of a project.

Scaffolding is one of the main reasons that these different experts are able to come together and work on a single project together. Scaffold provides a safe mode of access to the perimeter of a structure as it is still being put together.

In our line of work, it is often true that the scaffold hoists are serving more than one purpose. The scaffolding in a concrete construction project serves as a support system for the formwork that is happening on the building.

Additionally, the scaffolding is a safe and effective manner for various scaffolders to move around the construction site and from one level to the next. Because scaffolding typically provides railings and flooring around the perimeter of a building, Australian labourers use scaffolding to move around the construction site. It gives them access to areas of the site that they otherwise would not safely access.

Efficient Construction Team

Commercial construction projects are often under strict time regulations. Buildings need to open within a certain time frame in order for the business to benefit from the construction. This is why project managers have found useful tricks for maximizing time management on a construction site over the years. Scaffolding is one of those tricks.

Scaffolding has been used for years in the realm of construction. Using scaffolding allows project managers to more effectively manage the time that it takes to build a project from start to finish. The director of your work area will ensure that safety ratings remain high.

When the scaffold is properly installed, it allows the various components of a project to move around the project freely and work with one another. Because the different types of contractors can all work at once, the project is able to be completed on a more strict timeline.

Choosing BKH as your scaffolding company in Sydney is also beneficial to the time management of your project. We are committed to providing multiple ranges of resources to our clients. If you purchase a package through BKH, then you can include our Australian concreting services, formwork services, and our scaffolding services all within your initial package discussion.

Elevated Scaffolding Sydney Safety Standards

While scaffold is a definite time-saver, it is also a safety concern in some projects. While used and installed correctly, scaffolding is actually considered a safety measure. However, there have been many accidents over the past few years where scaffolding has played a major role in a construction site injury.

BKH Sydney is committed to achieving the standard in scaffolding safety. Our teams know how to avoid health mistakes at any cost. Most scaffold accidents are easily avoided when proper precautions are followed during installation and use of the scaffolding system.

Our scaffolding systems are built to provide optimal safety for the construction workers who use the equipment. We understand that properly installed scaffolding is the key to keeping the site safe and accident-free

Commercial scaffolding services from construction companies typically include perimeter safety screens. Contact us to discuss your job today.

Our Sydney scaffolders are trained to provide one another with checks and balances during the scaffolding Sydney construction process. One of the most effective methods for reducing the risk of safety violations is accountability during construction. Our teams are highly efficient at minimising the risk of mistakes during scaffolding installation.

Sydney BKH employees are well versed in the local Sydney NSW guidelines and requirements for construction site welfare. We understand that the well-being of our scaffolders and the other labourers using our scaffolding systems is more critical than anything else.

Most of the commercial Sydney projects that we partner with are high-rise buildings that require high height scaffolding solutions. This is why BKH has partnered with top scaffold suppliers to ensure the very best systems are available for our clients to use.

Call us today if you would like to discuss safe and efficient scaffolding for your upcoming Sydney commercial project.

Our BKH Scaffolding Systems

It is no secret that our company has invested time and money into creating the very best pool of resources for our clients. This includes researching and partnering with top scaffold equipment manufacturers in Sydney, Australia.

Our scaffold equipment comes primarily from Sydney manufacturers, Kwikstage and Peri Rosett. These manufacturers specialise in leading scaffolding systems that are a great fit for most of the standard projects we work on.

The Kwikstage Basic Access

The modular scaffolding system that we had manufactured from Kwikstage offers our clients standard scaffold technology. This cost-effective system is suitable for most of our commercial client’s edge protection and perimeter scaffolding requirements.

We also offer more advanced scaffolding solutions, such as our Rosett system. This system is suitable for larger-scale projects and also offers perimeter projection with scaffolding to meet regular requirements.

The Rosett Advanced System

With the Rosett system, manufactured in Sydney, our contractors are also able to provide elevated systems for high strut support and deep beam requirements. The reinforcement provided with our high-quality Rosett system allows us to provide all key scaffolding requirements.

These new systems, along with our team of highly experienced engineers, create the ultimate scaffolding experts for our clients. Our unique combination of high-quality equipment and vast experience makes us an excellent partner for industrial success. We would love to talk with you about our services.

Get In Touch

BKH - How It Works

When you contact our Sydney construction group, we have a whole menu of available services that our customer service employees will discuss with you. We work with our Sydney clients from start to finish to provide a satisfactory service.

The first step in working with BKH Sydney is to review all the basics of your project with a customer service associate. Typically, we are able to schedule a consultation with one of our construction experts fairly quickly.

Our initial phone call or message is used to provide you with the right construction expert to further discuss the initial quote. Because most of our clients require highly specialised teams of experts, matching you to the right team is critical.

During your initial conversation, one of our engineers will discuss the project with you in great detail. This is when our team will begin considering the necessary equipment, team members, and possible timeline for your project. You will also receive a quote and prices in the form of a message for material and worksite engineering.

Once we get started on your design, BKH will completely take over. Our services are designed to simplify the stress that our clients endure. You will be able to completely trust our contractors and engineers to take your project seriously and communicate with you regularly.

As our Sydney office begins to work on your scaffolding project, we employ a third-party review group to ensure safety and structural integrity. This process helps to keep our engineering designs up to par and holds us accountable for safety measures. Our commitment to safety is our top priority with each project, and this message is clear based on our director history.

After your initial contact, our project management employees will continuously reach out with education updates and requests for your opinion. Our contractors are always available to discuss further inquiries for your building and offer advice where applicable.

One of the most stressful aspects of construction site work is the logistics of the many different moving parts. Our Sydney scaffolding hire services offer comprehensive building services for each of our clients. We will handle the logistics of the construction site for the duration of our involvement. Again, our commitment to simplify the process for our customers is one that we take seriously.

Finally, Sydney BKH strives to provide proper staffing for the whole project of your commercial site. We are equipped to provide your job with all of the staff and experts needed to complete the job. Because all of the labour involved works directly for our company, this is yet another way that your job is simplified.

If you are looking for a scaffolding industry in the Sydney sectors, then BKH would be honoured to discuss your project with you. Some of our past projects are located on our website. We have also included quotations from past partners. This is a great place to search for review quotations if you are looking for a reputable company. BKH has been working in scaffolding for years and has gained the expertise needed to make your next project most successful.


Does BKH complete residential scaffolding projects?

BKH is currently focused on commercial and construction industry scaffolding services. At this time, we do not offer residential scaffolding solutions in NSW Sydney.

Can BKH complete a high-rise scaffolding project?

BKH has the experience to offer high-rise scaffolding services in the Sydney area. Our NSW scaffolding hire services allow us access to the ultimate group of equipment and labourers.

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