At BKH, our sole focus is to provide clients with a seamless journey throughout. In commercial construction, concrete is the single most popular material. It is durable, inexpensive, and shapable. Our goal has always been to provide our clients with a start to finish construction experience along with concrete services.

Because concrete is made with a mixture of aggregate, water, and cement, the mixture is placed into a mould as it hardens. The process that our team uses to set your concrete project is known as formwork. Formwork is essentially the word that describes the different moulds and structures built to hold the concrete in place as it hardens.

Formwork is a process entirely separate from pouring concrete. Our vision has always been to provide our clients with a full-service menu for their construction needs. This is why we have invested time and energy into building the capacity for formwork.

As our team begins to work on your design, our concreters will determine the best formwork system for the job. Most of the formwork involved in massive construction projects consists of metal forms such as panel systems or wall screens.

Formwork can be constructed in a range of different manners. Formworkers can create temporary moulds to hold the concrete in shape as it hardens. For NSW construction projects with long term needs, formworkers are also able to construct permanent moulds.

How it Works

Formwork is an expansive area of services. It includes moulds and forms that are built on construction sites to hold the concrete mixture as it cures. Concrete construction relies on formwork solutions to provide support systems while the concrete hardens enough to support itself. These solutions must hold the weight of the concrete mixture as it has time to cure.
- Temporary Solutions
- Permanent Solutions
- Materials Used
- Specifics for the project

BKH has the experience and expertise to determine the type of formwork solution needed for your job. Each job is unique, but we are equipped for whatever new design comes our way. Our company has invested both money and time into our capacity with formwork. This includes both standard projects and unique requests from our clients.

Our formwork systems are designed to create and maintain a proper form for the concrete design. Each of our employees understands the basic parameters that define adequate formwork:
- Joints must bee keak-proof - Holds shape precisely - If temporary, materials must be removable without damaging the hardened concreters - Made of materials that do not bend, warp, or buckle

Once your contractor has evaluated your project, then he will determine the right products for the job. Our contractors at BKH are experienced in determining the sizes and types of formwork you will need to complete your job.

Your contractor will have plenty of experience in formwork and concrete installation. Our company is committed to satisfying customer service, and providing quality products is part of that commitment.

Traditional formwork uses materials such as lumber, aluminium, steel, and even plywood. Some formwork companies might even use materials that are considered non-traditional, such as fibreglass. One or more of these materials might also be combined to create an effective system.

Product Range

Most formwork companies offer a range of different formwork experiences. At BKH, our company has purchased the necessary equipment to offer fully inclusive packages to our Sydney clients. Our industrial clients can partner with us on essentially any concrete construction project by providing a range of services.

Commercial formwork systems are more complex than residential formwork jobs. Construction companies must consider safety and quality when labourers are working on a project. Additionally, companies must also ensure that staff are in accordance with local sector regulations.

BKH works with enterprise clients to offer innovative solutions for their site. Our formworkers have developed skills in Sydney formwork solutions. Our company is focused solely on commercial projects and provides services of high-rise buildings, car park structures, and other formwork projects.

Timber and Plywood Formwork

Timber is one of the oldest Sydney systems for building formwork solutions. It is both reliable and easy to remove, and it is frequently used in residential formwork. While timber formwork is a popular material, our company relies on more advanced systems for most of our NSW concrete construction site work.

Panel System Formwork

Panel system formwork provide advantages in system and productivity and can be considered for its environmental benefits due to its reusable nature which reduces the reliance on conventional timber and plywood systems. BKH both develop and work with key suppliers on different panel systems with considerable stock of our own ‘Wexdek’ panel systems and Ischebeck panel systems. Being one of the largest stock holders of these systems allows us to provide productive programs on the largest projects and the experienced workforce to install these systems.

Metallic Decking

Metal decking can be provided as lost or sacrificial formwork in many slab designs and is common in commercial projects. The decking can be provided in various width and profiles from our key suppliers. The advantages of using the metal decking products includes a reduction in shoring requirements, reduced materials handling on site and potential for overall productivity increases. Metal decking can also be used with PT designs to assist in floor spans and column spacing to optimise efficiency on slab design.

Plastic Formwork

Plastic formwork is relatively new to the industry and provided the advantage of light weight systems to allow easy installation and materials handling. Plastic panel systems have limited use and are generally only provided in non-exposed formwork areas and have limitation in design capacity. BKH owns and works with key suppliers for systems in areas in which the productivity advantages works such as vertical elements built ‘top down’ in repetitive commercial floors.

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Types of Construction

Formwork is used in all concrete construction projects, including residential and commercial projects. The NSW Australia area is booming with work that began with a company just like us. All of our work in Melbourne has given us the formwork experience we need to complete any project.

Our projects are extensive, and our services include all of the necessary equipment. We specialise in building commercial services and would love to team up on your project.

Our current list of services includes each of the following areas of construction:
- Table and Panel Systems
- Preformed Column Systems
- Advanced Climbing System Cores
- Walling Climbing Systems (Crane and Hydraulic)
- Metallic Forms
- High Strutting Shoring Systems
- Metal Decking
- Protection Screens
- Metal Stair Systems
- Scaffolding Services

These services allow our company to guarantee we can meet all of your needs, from constructing walls to flooring, outdoor areas, and high rise buildings. The extensive collection of materials that BKH has gathered allows us to complete virtually any of the necessary projects in commercial and industrial areas.

Building concrete structures requires a lot of strategic planning. For walls, there are formwork systems such as shoring systems. Formwork companies routinely use these standard processes to make their job more easily completed.

We also understand the need for a commitment to safety. Our services include all of the necessary materials for routine safety checks. We have invested in metal stair systems with handrails for use in active sites. The safety of our employees is always at the top of our priority list.

All of our contractors are trained to determine the best service for your company. Your formworker works directly with you and our group of labourers to determine the best plan for your formwork project. The contractor is also responsible for the delivery of any news.

We are equipped with both standard formwork systems and a team of engineers prepared to develop a solution for any design. From routine construction projects to speciality designs, we are ready to take on your project.

One Company Experience

BKH has made it our mission to provide Australia with a comprehensive opportunity for formwork and construction. When you contact our business, we bring impressive skills to the table and offer incomparable formwork systems.

With a typical construction experience, customers have to coordinate two separate companies: complete their formwork and pour the concrete. At BKH, we have listened to our customers, which is why we have an innovative solution to all of your problems. When you choose BKH, you can get the all-inclusive service and cut out the middle man.

Our solutions offer a wide range of both expertise and results. BKH is a commercial, industrial building business that strives to provide solutions in the concrete industry for each customer we work with. Our professional experience is like no other.

Contact BKH on Facebook, by phone, or send us a message through our website. No matter how you choose to contact us, we will be ready to give you all of the information you need to work with us.

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