When working in commercial construction, large-scale concrete projects require a lot of different structural elements. The formwork involved in concrete construction is put in place to hold the concrete steady as it cures. Scaffold, on the other hand, refers to the temporary structures built to support the formwork.

More specifically, scaffolding allows labourers access to the various areas of the site during construction. Most construction sites are busy, and they are often filled with more than one type of expert working on the project simultaneously.

Scaffolding allows the different types of experts to move freely and safely around the various levels of the building. Masonry experts, plaster experts, and painters are often seen climbing the heights of scaffolding on large construction projects.

Scaffolding Company Safety

Scaffolding structures are intended to provide a safe route for construction workers to access the necessary parts of the building. Regardless, the number of accidents involving scaffolding systems is astonishingly high. This is why a commitment to safety is crucial for the businesses that offer scaffolding services to their clients today.

Most contractors are trained to maintain a high level of safety on their construction site at all times. The importance of safety training is one of the first considerations for Sydney companies like ours. BKH is proud to say that we are working to eliminate the number of injuries that happen on our watch.

Sydney NSW area construction sites have strict guidelines regarding the installation and use of scaffolding. Proper installation and use of scaffolding can greatly reduce the risk of accidents on the site. However, if proper installation guidelines are not followed or safety guidelines are not considered on-site, then a serious risk of injury increases.

In multi-story building sites, the scaffolding must be assembled at very high altitudes. This should be done under a strict team of supervision. Our commitment to safety has led BKH to require a specialised team of safety supervisors to assist in high-risk projects such as scaffolding installation.

Scaffolding Company Efficiency

Hiring a scaffolding company to assist in your high-rise construction platform can make the project run more smoothly. Commercial and industrial buildings are often under a time crunch during the construction phase of development.

Hiring a scaffolding company is one way to ensure that multiple sectors of your project can be worked on simultaneously. Work crews use scaffold products for several reasons. Steel scaffolding allows construction work to continue among different types of construction workers.

Scaffolding is also a necessity for most commercial concrete projects. The scaffolding that our company offers is able to serve as a support structure for the moulds that we provide in our formwork services. However, our scaffolding systems also serve to allow our labourers to move freely around the project site.

The BKH Commitment

Our company has been making serious investments in becoming an all-inclusive construction company. Our scaffolding equipment is more evidence of our commitment to excellence when it comes to our clients.

By investing in a number of different scaffolding systems, we are able to provide a menu of services for our NSW clients that we hope sets us apart from other companies.

Building Scaffolding Types

Basic Scaffolding

Basic scaffolding is typically a lower-cost option that provides companies with a safe structure for working around the perimeter of a building. This option is typically built to provide a floor around the perimeter of the structure. There is also a safety edge around the edge of the floor to reduce the risk of falling.

These scaffolding systems are typically simple to install and use. They are appropriate for most multi-story buildings and are the most common type of scaffolding system on the market. The framework for this scaffolding type is easily put together.

Our basic scaffold system provides stability and durability for projects in various industries. All safety standards are addressed through the provided components. The uses for the basic scaffoldings range from repair operations to masonry jobs. Your experience with our Australia construction work is guaranteed to be satisfactory.

High Strut Scaffolding

Our basic scaffold system provides stability and durability for projects in various industries. All safety standards are addressed through the provided components. The uses for the basic scaffoldings range from repair operations to masonry jobs. Your experience with our Australia construction work is guaranteed to be satisfactory.

This is beneficial for a company such as BKH because of our commitment to providing a range of services. When clients purchase a package from us that includes both formwork and scaffolding, we can use these more advanced systems to accomplish a more time-effective offering of our services.

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The Scaffolding Company

When you begin searching for a scaffolding company in Sydney, there are a few things that you will want to consider. Your scaffolding company is going to play a major role in the success of your project as a whole. Not every company is equally equipped for success; consider each of the following criteria as you are doing your research.

Record of Success

Sydney is full of commercial and industrial opportunities for companies. When you are researching the right scaffolding services for your job, be sure to take a look at the company’s history of success.

BKH has completed a number of high-profile projects in the Sydney area that have helped our reputation skyrocket. Since scaffolding is such a critical industry within the construction sector, you will want to make sure that the company you choose has a project profile that demonstrates an ability to handle sensitive projects.

If you would like to learn more about BKH’s history with scaffolding projects, check out our profile of past projects. We have worked on many iconic buildings in the Sydney area. Our construction expertise is extensive, and photos show our commitment to success.


One of the more important aspects of commercial construction is the ability to manage time wisely. There is nothing more frustrating than a construction project that takes months longer than the initial timeline.

Experienced construction management teams understand the necessity of proper time management. When you are looking for a company to partner with, consider the need for efficiency and time management.

BKH is committed to providing our clients with accurate and reliable time estimates. Our team of highly skilled professionals has grown used to our expectations for accuracy. Reach out to one of our team members today to get a time estimate for your upcoming project.

Labour Force

Scaffolding systems require a large number of labourers at any given time. The safety measures required for properly installing scaffolding alone call for a number of labourers to be present.

When you are considering the scaffolding companies in your area, make sure that the company you are looking at is equipped to staff their scaffolding jobs.

BKH has spent years building a reliable team of staff. From consultants to engineers, BKH is ready to send a full team of highly qualified workers to your site.


Scaffolding is a structure that can either be the epitome of safety or a disaster. When installed properly, scaffolding is a wonderful tool for the labourers of a construction site to use routinely for their work. However, if not done properly, scaffolding can be an extremely dangerous addition to a building.

Find a company that understands the fine line between safety and scary when it comes to scaffolding. Make sure that the company you choose is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees.

BKH is committed to safety in all aspects of our work. For scaffolding, we even require a third-party engineering review to ensure ultimate structural soundness before we begin the building process. We think safety is the foundation of construction, and we would be glad to talk with you about the measures we take to ensure our staff’s safety.


Managing a construction project is stressful. Especially when the actual construction site is out of your control. This is why your scaffolding company should commit to regular communication with you to update progress.

Clients can typically get a feel for the communication style of the company from the very first phone call. Make sure that the scaffolding company you choose is ready to answer all of your questions. You will also want to make sure that you will receive routine updates regarding the timeline and any issues that are involved in your project. Clear communication is the key to success for any project, but this is especially important for construction projects.

BKH is available to answer any questions that you may have about a potential or current project. Our team is trained to become consultants on your project. We strive for clear communication from the very beginning. Give us a call to discuss your upcoming job today.

Our packages are available for any client who is interested in inclusive services. If you are looking for a full-service construction project, then you might be interested in our other service pages to describe what we offer. Each project is unique, but our goal for each one is the same. We want to simplify the building process for each of our clients.


If we hire BKH for any types of scaffolding, are material components and labour included?

Our sales team members know how to provide you with a quote that includes all components. Both material and construction workers are included in the initial quote you receive from the point man.

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